Wednesday, January 20, 2021

3 potential Oscar shorts: PURPLE BOY, ELO and SOUND OF A WILD SNAIL EATING


This is a stunningly beautiful film  about who we were born as and who we choose to be. The film concerns a child planted in a garden who chooses to be male and then has to fight to be who they feel they are.  This is an amazing piece of animation that is quite moving. To be completely honest there is heavy allegory concerning being Trans going on here and I am not going to pretend I even understand a tenth of it but the basic plot is moving and mirrors the journey we all make.


The title is the Portuguese word for connection. This is an allegorical tale concerning the relationship of men and women how we are better together. A beautifully animated film with a palette that leans heavily word black and white, this is a wonderful piece of art. While I am not certain that the film adds up to much, I suspect it is trying too hard to be meaningful, it still delights the eye.

Based on director Elisabeth Tova Bailey's natural history of the same name this film has some stunning images of a snail intercut with a woman sleeping in a bed while Daryl Hannah read an excerpt from the book.

It looks good, the narration is interesting but I don’t know if it all comes together. It has to do with a woman with a disease and a snail on her nightstand. Its supposed to be about resilience but I'm not sure I really felt that.  My reaction to it when it was done was to write “interesting but does it mean anything?” A week on I’m still pondering

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