Monday, January 18, 2021

Psycho Goreman (2020) hits VOD and theaters Friday


A young girl and her brother end up with a gem that will control a homicidal intergalactic killer and decide to use him for their own ends.

Okay why isn't anyone talking about this film? 

I mean this is a glorious throwback/send up of a 1980's kids film twisted and turned into a blood soaked comedy for adults. Its a film that gets every god damn thing exactly right with the result that you will laugh yourself silly as you talk back endlessly to the screen. 

In other words F-YOU COVID because this is a film you need to sit and watch with a theater full of  friends who love total film insanity.

Wasting absolutely no time the film  starts with the gem being dug up and a few minutes later gallons of blood and severed limbs are flying everywhere. This film just moves like the wind  with almost every minute containing a joke or some over the top ridiculous bit of violence. It just doesn't stop and as such it is a great amount of fun.

This film is in no way high art but anyone loving satire and send ups mixed with rubber limbs and fake blood this film is for you

This is a film, that for it's target audience, is going to be pure cinematic joy.

Highly recommended 

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