Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What Would Sophia Loren Do? (2021) hits Netflix Friday

 This is a portrait of Nancy “Vincenza” Kulik, the daughter of Italian immigrants who found strength to go through life by always asking herself "What would Sophia Loren do?" She grew up watching Loren's films from the start of Loren's career because her parents preferred to go see Italian films. Within Loren's films she found a connection to the life she knew and a sense that she could do anything she wanted to or had to do.

This is a lovely film that reveals the power of the movies to make our lives better. If you ever wanted to know why film or art matters this film will explain it to you. On a smaller scale this is a portrait of a wonderful woman you'll want to meet and hug.

I don't know what to say. This film is a charmer from start to finish, and when the end comes you will be getting misty in the best possible way.

Highly recommended when the film hits Netflix Friday.

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