Thursday, January 7, 2021

Don't Listen (2020)

Daniel, his wife and son moves into a large house hoping to renovate and flip it. However things begin to go wrong from the outset since the son is hearing voices and is insisting that Daniel is telling him horrible things over a walkie talkie. After tragedy strikes Daniel contacts an expert in electronic voice phenomena and things quickly get worse.

Chilling horror tale will make shivers go up and down your spine. While not graphic, it is atmospheric to the point that I was talking out loud to the screen. Twists and turns keep you off balance for most of the film to the point that you will ride out a late in the game bump without losing any steam. I dare not say more because the twists will kick your ass

Highly recommended to me a a genuine chiller (thank you Stewart) this was one of the great finds of 2020.

Highly recommended.

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