Friday, January 1, 2021

Best of 2020 Pt 2: Best of the Best

These films, performances and viewing experiences were the tip top of 2020. These are the great films I keep turning over in my mind

Target Practice
is a a game set and match look at racism

Who Farted is this really a "best film? No. Is it a one of the most fun films you will ever see? Oh hell yea- it's a film about farts that is informative and screamingly funny.

The pieces of Cane Fire are as good as filmmaking gets. While the whole film is badly edited and that should have kicked this off the list, however the pieces are amazing and too good not to put the film here

Blood Rider is a portrait of a man who delivers blood. It's deeply moving

Yesteryear is a look at how we look at our past. It is a film of quiet power

Cabane E Sang Fest how did I not know about this film festival before? Shifting to virtual they put two nights of perfectly programmed horror and genre films.  I've never seen any festival this well done- all of the freaking films kicked ass! I want to go to the festival in person (And now they have a TV show)

Clapboard Jungle is Justin McConnell's look at inde filmmaking is one of the greatest films on films ever- and it's being expanded into a TV series.

Trial of the Chicago Seven Aaron Sorkin looks back and speaks volumes about today.

Echoes of the Invisible- One of the tip top films of the year. Steve Elkins' film changed my life- and that of Nate Hood by making us reconsider life in the best possible way

The Light Side best Star Wars film ever

PS Burn This Letter the lives of men and women who were gay when that was dangerous told through their letters and their memories. It is one of the most moving films you will ever see. I carry everyone in my heart and talk to them when I need to smile.

Wolfwalkers The latest from Cartoon Saloon cements it place as one of the greatest animation studios ever while telling one hell of a story.

Wojnarowicz a take no prisoners portrait of a take no prisoners artist came from nowhere and has taken up a place in my heart

76 Days is a deeply moving portrait of a life in hospital in China during lock down. It will move you to tears

The Reception two father discuss life as they wait to die. A perfect film with perfect performances that makes you feel alive as it crushes your heart.

Big Touch - a film for the Covid year- about the need for physical contact. Magnificent

Julia Scotti Funny That Way- I love this film and Ms Scotti. This is a film about following your happiness and spreading it around- and I can't wait to meet her in real life.

Anything For Jackson horror and humor mix in the best possible way

Hopper/Welles- what happens when Dennis Hopper has dinner with Orson Welles? This is not really a film but a glorious conversation

Phenomenon is the best film on UFOs in decades. At a time where the government is quietly saying something is going on it is rational reasoned and compelling

Giant: The World of Filmmaker Jeff LeRoy- an explanation of the joy of filmmaking. Another great film on film and one of the most joyous films you'll see all year.

Mosley unheralded animated film works as a grand adventure as well as a telling destruction of racism

Herb Alpert is... portrait of  musician full of great music and happiness.

Night Of The Kings- a film about the importance of stories and other things. I did not want t see it at the New York Film Festival and now I can't imagine living without it.

Lovers Rock- One of the most perfect uses of music in film is a huge ball of joy. Probably the best film of the year or top three, if I picked that sort of thing 

Seeing Rock and Roll President in the Park was glorious. It was a return to normal filmgoing that allowed me to meet a long time Internet friend and go to one of the best film series I know of(Port Jefferson Documentary Series) out there.

Dancing Mary is Sabu's latest. A mix of comedy, crime and ghosts. Pure cinematic magic.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom has Oscar worthy performances and manages, in my humble opinion, to improve on an award winning play. It will rock your world

The finale of Steve McQueen's EDUCATION is perfect. It still reduces me to tears weeks later just thinking about it.

The complete Small Axe Anthology. Yes I know I have pieces of the series on the list already but the echoes of the whole series as you ponder the films lifts them all up to the realm of something truly special. Hands down McQueen's best work.

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