Thursday, January 28, 2021

Three Sundance Shorts GNT, THE FOURFOLD and THE AFFECTED

 Brief word on three short films playing Sundance, all recommended.


Wicked and wickedly funny animated film about things that most women would never talk about in public.  While this is” a film made for women by women” I found it funny and beautifully animated.



Mongolian mysticism meets stunning painted and stop motion animation. Myths and legends merge with stunning animation that made my jaw hang open. I also got really pissed off that Covid was preventing me from seeing this on a screen the size of a wall.


Funny and very pointed film about an airplane flight being held up by a woman who is refusing to be seated because a man is being extradited to Turkey.  We never see the protest simply the reaction of the flight crew and passengers who react to how they perceive events to be playing out.  This is a must see for any number of reasons, the best of which is it it just great and the calling card of director Rikke Gregersen who now is on my must watch list.

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