Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Nightcap 3/18/12 Meeting friends, John Carter and Links

A truly quiet night.

The week in films fo me was seeing and reviewing more films from this years New Directors New Films series at The Museum of Modern Art and Lincoln Center, a second viewing of The Raid and trying to get things set for Tribeca which I'm guessing will eat up my time (seriously I'm trying to figure out when I can do my taxes and at what point will I run out of laundry- yea I know the festival is in a month but there is still a lot to get done to be ready for it.)

About the The Raid screening... it was a blast. Being able to not only meet Rufus from cineAwesome but also hook up with Joel, Earl, Roy, Mr C and Mondocurry (who let everyone know it was happening) was more than anyone could hope for in an evening out. You guys are damn good company. Gentleman, and gentle readers, we need to do this again, if not at another Fangoria screening, but perhaps at Tribeca or if not something before we all collide at the New York Asian Film Festival. (Mr C's take on the film can be found here.)

As for the New Directors New Films films, I have reviews going up every evening this week. Its a good group of movies with a certain Indonesian action film being the best of the bunch. I have tickets for some of the regular screenings so look for more reviews as it goes on. (The regular reviews this week are some of the Tarkan and Kilink films from Turkey)

I want to add that I saw John Carter yesterday afternoon. I went all out and splurged on an IMAX 3D ticket. I loved the film. It was one of the all too few magical times at the movies where I completely believed I was somewhere else. For the entire film I believed I was on Mars. I'm going to write up a proper review, but I just wanted to say I think its a wonderful film of the Edgar Rice Burroughs story. (And I completely understand why some people don't like it.)

And that is it. No ranting and raving.

Coming up this week on my dance card are some visits to the New York Children's Film Festival, Mythbusters Live and trying to see if I can find the time to write up more films including the next Korean Cultural Service film My Girlfriend is an Agent (unless Mondocurry beats me to it).

As always it's time to close out with some links:

The dates for The Raid near you. (My offcial review comes Tuesday)

An epic car chase

A 1951 movie by Robert Altman

They are showing Kevin Brownlow's restored version of Abel Gance's Napoleon in San Francisco four four performances. Its over five and a half hours long. Details here.

Netflix Cavalcade of Corruption.

The Chase.

Lastly there are reasonab;y priced ticket packages for Tribeca. They go on sale April 10 to AMEX holders and a couple of days after to the rest of us. Details here.

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