Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Nighttcap 3/4/12- Broken toys

Another Sunday.

There isn’t a great deal to talk about tonight.

The Oscars are done and were, outside of Meryl Streep’s win pretty much as expected.

We here at Unseen are hip deep into the Spring festival season. I’ve been in theaters all weekend seeing films at the NYICFF and Rendezvous with French Cinema. My cohorts have been going to The Japan Society and Brooklyn Academy of Music. The insanity continues this week as I’m heading off to more Rendezvous screenings, I’m starting to dip into press screenings for the excellent New Directors New Films line up. (reviews of those films will go up closer to the start of the series), plus I’m hoping to get to a few of the Japan Society’s Love Will Tear us Apart series.

Earlier this week I had some discussions with Randi about the blog and where we maybe going. Its tentative stuff, because right now I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed because some good things are happening for the blog, but also because the way things are being done here have changed. Life has been happening with everyone and it some times shows- I know the editing process of many of the posts has left some jagged. We're working to change it. Things will calm down once life calms down.

Actually the discussion I was having with Randi talked about a couple of Unseen projects that have stalled. The music series remains stalled, as do several others.

We also were talking about what to do about the stalled Tumblr page. For a while we had been cross posting things via a feed but the feed crashed and we never got it up again. Actually the hope was to maybe use Tumblr more visually, but for now that's just a toy on a shelf.

Another toy on the shelf is the Unseen Films Facebook page. We got as far as setting it up, but beyond that it's completely devoid of activity. Ken had set it up after a long discussion about using Facebook, however somethings changed in our lives and it fell by the wayside before we could sit down with the person who had offered to help us navigate in those waters.

We're hoping to get back to all of these platforms but we need to find the time.

Time is the thing we all are limited on. Yes, we can bang out reviews as we come up with titles, but at the same time doing much beyond that is difficult...and will remain so until after Tribeca which is the point at which things should calm down.

I'll post links to the Tumblr and Facebook pages as soon as we get them up and running.

This weeks films are all from Korea. Expect a good number of them since this is the week of the Korean Film Blogathon. Feel free to follow that link and find out how you too can take part in the fun and festivities.

I tweeted that The Hunger Games reminds me of allegedly bad Italian scifi films from the 1960's. If you look at the set and costume design and look at many of the science fiction films from the 60's you'll see I'm right.

As I said really not much this week. Blame it on the festivals, we're all too busy seeing movies.

Then again a few last parting links:

Lost films that may have been weird and wonderful

Grady Hendrix pondering if American audiences will take to Let the Bullets Fly which opened this week. We at Unseen have a soft spot for having reviewed it three times.

Scorsese eats a cookie

I've done this before- but here's reused Disney animation

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