Friday, February 1, 2013

New York International Children's FIlm Festival Tickets are on sale.

Go to Gkids and get your tickets for this years New York International Children's Film Festival.The Official announcement is going up later today, but don't wait just go and start looking for something to to go see.

Yes I've got my tickets- though I may get more. This year's like up is quite good and I recommend a good number of the films having seen them over the last year.

For those who want my take on the films here's the list with annotations and links to the earlier Unseen Reviews:

Ernest and Celestine is the opening night film. Its a beautiful looking film about a mouse and a bear. Can you guess where I'll be March 1 at 6pm? Here's the trailer.

The Day for Crows s about a boy and his father hiding in the woods.It is by one of the directors of the Rabbi's Cat. I'm going Here's the trailer

Rompe Ralph  is Wreck It Ralph in Spanish with English subtitles. Great movie.I don't need to see it in Spanish

Hey Krishna 3D Indian produced film about Krishna. I have tickets for the final day of the fest. Trailer is here.

Welcome to the Space Show is the English Language premiere of the film which played the fest two years ago. I saw it then and thought it's 2 plus hours was too long despite the visual treats.

Starry Starry Night This played the NYAFF last year. I liked it I didn't love it, but admit I need to see it again.

Kauwboy is the story of a boy with family troubles and a bird. Not my cup of tea. The trailer is here

Wolf Children is from the director of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Seeing this as part of the last day triple feature. Trailer is here.

Zarafa This played Rendezvous with French Cinema last year and was great fun.

Strong is a film about a female weightlifter.

The Painting English version of one of last years best films

Approved for Adoption film version of a graphic novel autobiography about a Korean boy who ends up in Europe after the Korean War. I have a ticket and hoping to make it's single screening. Trailer is here.

Kiriku and the Men and the Women 3D Third Kiriku film from Michael Ocelot. Seeing this at it's final screening. The Trailer is here

Up on Poppy Hill  American English Language version (there is a British version) of the latest film from Studio Ghibli. Its a winning romance that Will be reviewed before it plays at the festival. Get your tickets now.

Pinocchio New musical animated version. I'm not planning on seeing this. The time is bad for me. Here's a clip

Meet the Small Potatoes is a Disney Jr  film that is supposed to be a preschool Spinal Tap.

None of the actual film titles have been announced so I can't discuss them. I am seeing Flicker Alley, Heebie Jeebies and one of the Shorts collections.

Flicker Alley

Shorts 1 &2

Shorts for Tots 1&2

Heebie Jeebies

Girls POV

For further information and links to buy tickets go here.

And be sure to check back for our reports from the Festival.

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  1. Our $0.02: Pinocchio is very beautifully animated. You might not want to miss it...!