Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ninja Kids!!! Summer Mission Impossible (2013)

Following 2011's Ninja Kids!!! this on the cheap sequel brings back many of the actors from the first film for a second go round.

The plot of the film has Rantaro and his friends trying to retrieve a sword known as the Blissful Heaven, which will allow it's owner to rule the world. The theft comes to light when the boys return to the ninja academy early when they are tricked by their teachers because they knew they wouldn't have finished their summer homework. They are sent on the mission by the dean who figures they might learn the answers to their homework on the way.

Lets get this out of the way at the start- while the characters and the many of the actors are the same this isn't really comparable to Takshi Miike's classic film. Miike's film is a wonderfully constructed film that perfectly balances adventure and comedy. It feels as though it's set in a cartoon realm two doors down from our own.

This film, clearly shot on a smaller budget and possessing a feel similar to a mid-level TV movie (there is lots of green screen effects and simple sets) hides its short comings in many departments with a rapid fire approach to story telling and comedy-It seems to have the attitude that if it throws lots of characters, comedy and meta references at the audience some of it is bound to stick. Weirdly much of it does, and while the film is much better in any particular moment than as a whole,  I enjoyed myself once I got past some initial disappointment.

High art? Are you kidding? This is low brow  and say what you will bits of this made me chuckle.

If you understand this isn't the first film I suggest you give it a go.

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