Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blood Glacier opens tomorrow

Back in February I reviewed Blood Glacier when it played Film Comment Selects. (The review can be found here).

The film concerns an Austrian Alps scientific outpost that discovers a blood red glacier in the mountains. Taking samples they go back to investigate what exactly it is. They quickly find out that the material is a catalyst for change-or mutation-animals that came in contact with the glacier are combining DNA with other animals that they’ve eaten or come in contact with and turning into monsters- and the monsters are attacking.

I loved the film a great deal. Its opening in limited theatrical release tomorrow and on VOD While it’s the sort of film that is best seen in a theater with a boat load of popcorn and snacks not to mention your beverage of choice it will be perfectly fine to watch it on the big screen at home. However you see it-it’s a blast.

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