Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome to Horseshoe Cinema

I got an email from Andy Viner during Tribeca but I couldn't do anything about it until now. Andy is the amazing director who did  Dick Night and Kirstin Lives in Los Angeles. He is a very funny man who needs to be discovered by lots of people.

Here's the email that Andy sent me:

Welcome to Horseshoe Cinema, a brand spanking new youtube channel from Andy Viner and Charles DeRosa. We put out new videos each and every Tuesday/Thursday. We've got four ongoing scripted comedy web series - one with a talking dog, one about the movies, one about coffee and one that's all crazy ladies. There are 15 episodes up thus far, most in the 1-2 minute range.

We're making a big promotional push to get the channel off the ground. so click on the images below below to check out the videos or just go straight

Help spread the word and be sure to Subscribe!


Below are links to episodes of the shows-so feel free to indulge...

And this is a Horseshoe Cinema that isn't a series but is damn funny

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