Friday, May 23, 2014

COLD IN JULY Q&A with Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson at IFC CENTER

Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson at IFC Center
Director Jim Mickle's latest film is an adaptation of a Joe R. Lansdale novel titled COLD IN JULY.  The story takes place in Texas in the late 80's and begins with a mulleted Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall), a family man who shoots a bullet through the head of a home intruder.  The dead burglar's ex-con father, Ben (Sam Shepard) seeks vengeance for the murder of his son.  What could easily be a throwback pulpy revenge flick becomes so much more than that.  The plot takes some unexpected twists and turns and by the time the cowboy hat wearing, charismatic Jim Bob (Don Johnson) shows up, it might as well be a whole different movie.  The movie is a wild ride that takes you through an 80's landscape which includes scenes at a video rental store and a drive-in theater where NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is playing.  The movie also sets the tone with its brooding synth score including a track by Dynatron, an electronic synth band from Denmark. It is cool to have a soundtrack sound like it came from an old John Carpenter flick, but no throwback to the 80's would be complete without some hair metal ballads thrown in for good measure. "Wait" by White Lion? Yes, please.

Director Jim Mickle, actor and co-writer Nick Damici, and actors Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson were in attendance at the New York Premiere of COLD IN JULY which took place at IFC Center in New York City.  Check out the video below of the Q&A that night.  It's a quick one because they all had to go to another screening on some rooftop screening across town.  COLD IN JULY opens Friday May 23 at IFC Center located at 323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street.  Definitely go see this tantalizing, Texan thriller of a film and spread the word!

A big shoutout to the homie MONDOCURRY who got me into the exclusive screening!

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