Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nightcap 5/31/14- NYAFF, Japan Cuts on Monday, Brooklyn FF is happening now, a give to The Rectory reminder and links

Things are starting to heat up with festivals and our regular Sunday slot is being taken by an over view of the Italian Open Roads series,. There is so much in motion that I just want to leave you with a couple of quick notes before the usual onslaught of links.

The films and schedule for the New York Asian Film Festival are up. You can find the information here. Tons of good stuff to be found.

Looking at the schedule I’m not sure how complete our coverage is going to be. The trouble is the multiple locations and summer vacations means some things are not going to get covered. I don’t know what is going to be lost- hopefully not much. I’ll let you know what we’ll be doing once we all hunker down and hash it out

However if you’re in New York at the end and the beginning of July you should make an effort to go see something.

For details and ticket on sale dates you can go here.
Related to NYAFF is Japan Cuts. While the cross over period with NYAFF has revealed the films they have in common, the full Japan Cuts schedule is coming Monday.

We’ll have details as soon as they are made public.
The Brooklyn Film Festival is going on and if you’re in the are you might want to drop in. Details can be found here.
The Recory is still trying to finish up its funding. It’s a great project and if you can spare some cash you best throw it their way.

Here’s my piece on why you should give

Here’s their Indegogo page.
And now Randi's Links-
On the passing of Herb Jeffries the Bronze Buckaroo
Ethics in the instant news age
Not safe for work-The opening of Ghost in the Shell Live action
Cyperpunk Lego city
No one wants to host the Olympics any more
Warhol shoots the Velvet Underground
The Plasmatics blow up a car
Clive James interviews Roman Polanski
A trip to theTexas Chainsaw Massacre graveyard
Samurai films and Star Wars
Drafts of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy found
Richard III was not a hunchback

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