Saturday, September 27, 2014

Opening Night at the New York Film Festival 2014....and a report will have to wait

Its a crazy busy day with WHIPLASH in the morning and GONE GIRL at night.

There are stories to tell (Ben Affleck being addressed as Bruce Wayne by a member of the press, his co-star being thrilled about being able to shower with Batman...) and I'll tell them when I don't have to get up early for a movie.

I have posted pictures at our Tumblr page from both press conferences.

Know that WHIPLASH is really good and sure to get JK Simmons an Oscar nom. A review will follow, maybe several actually since Mondocurry is seeing it Sunday Night and Chocko is wading in Monday. Its a really good drama/psychological thriller that moved some people to tears.

I like GONE GIRL, but I don't love it. Hubert is taking the lead on this one. I think the film runs out of steam at a certain point. Not sure what the Oscars hold for it, though I will say learn as little as possible about the film - don't read reviews (or watch the press conference which had the actors discussing the end in detail). Definitely worth your time when it hit theaters Friday.

As for me- time for bed- I have ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA tomorrow and its an all day affair

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