Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Fantastic Fest 2014 Primer

Fantastic Fest starts today and runs for the next week.  I've been told its a great festival and I've considered going but it always conflicts with the New York Film Festival and that's home to me.

Looking over the list of films at Fantastic Fest I realized that we've seen a good number of films. In the hope that we can direct you to some good stuff I've put together a primer of the stuff we've seen. I've linked to anything we've reviewed already and I've given a quick comment for those that the reviews are waiting to post.

Town Called Panic The Christmas Log
Automata- excellent science fiction film about a future where mankind is dying and robots are rising. Its way better than you might think (A review is coming October 6)
Bugsy Malone- classic Alan Parker music with an infectious score from Paul Williams. I can't say enough good about.
Death Wish 3- Charles Bronson kicks ass. What more do you need to know?
Force Majeure - What happens in a family in the aftermath of an avalanche. A great family drama (A review is coming right before it's theatrical release)
Horns- Daniel Radcliffe is a man accused of murder who grows horns. A great adult fable/thriller (A review will appear before it's Halloween release)
In Order of Disappearance
KungFu Elliot
Man from Reno
Man in the Orange Jacket
Ninja 3: The Domination- crazy horror martial arts mix as a young woman is possessed by a dead ninja. Get popcorn
No Man's Land
Unicorn Blood
Voice Thief
Whispers Behind the Walls

Go see something

For details and tickets go here.

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