Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vyer Films is releasing films worth your time

Before the New York Film festival over whelms Unseen Films I need to take time out and put something on your radar. We’ll be doing a longer piece once NYFF ends but this is too good a thing that it really can’t wait.

A few weeks back we at Unseen were made aware of Vyer Films, a subscription service that presents some of the best films from around the world for one low price. To be honest when I got the email about Vyer I was unsure if we really needed another film distribution service, but I followed the link and I went to Vyer’s site and I noodled around and came back impressed. This really is a great service for anyone looking for good films from around the world.

The secret to Vyer’s success is the service is curated. They pick and choose the films that they want to share. You don’t have a company that is picking up a whole slate of films, regardless of quality and dumping them all on an unsuspecting public. Instead the programmers at Vyer pick and choose what they think are the best films and put it out there for you to see. This may not result in as a vast a selection as you might find at say Netflix or Amazon, but it assures you that you’re not going to get a bad film, or one that leaves you scratching your head wondering why they chose to release it.

There’s more to say, and more to tell you and once the New York Film Festival is done we’ll be running a longer piece on Vyer. For now put Vyer on your radar, vist their site and look around. Better yet why not take the time and watch a couple of movies since they have a two week free offer.

More details and the list of films can be found at the Vyer Films site which can be found here.

And check back in a couple of weeks for more on Vyer Films.

And remember two weeks free....

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