Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little Bedroom (2010)

Michel Bouquet plays Edmond, an older gentleman who's son is trying to get him to stop living alone and move into a nursing home. Rose (Florence Loiret Caille) is a visiting nurse who stops by regularity to help Edmond out. When Rose is 15 minutes late one day Edmond takes a spill sending him to the hospital. When Edmond gets out Rose and Edmond begin to grow closer as she helps with his rehab, to the point that Edmond moves in with Rose and her husband. As time goes on the pair begin to reveal secrets to each other.

Beautifully acted and beautiful to look at film has a quiet kick in the ass.  The reason the film works as well as it does is the interplay between Michel Bouquet and Florence Loiret Caille. There is a naturalness and a weight to it that is frequently missing even in the best dramas. The strength of the bond between the actors adds something to it  so when Rose lets loose with the pain in her past there is a physical reaction.

As good as the acting is the film has one flaw and that is a sense that we've been here before. We've see the bonding of two outsiders before how many times? This doesn't mean it's bad rather its just unremarkable plotwise even if the performances shine.

Ultimately, despite the minor flaw  the film is worth a look simply because the performances are so strong they overcome everything..

The film opens Friday  the 26th at the Cinema Village in New York.

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