Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sledge (2014) comes to VOD today and should be avoided.

Great poster-crappy movie
Starting on VOD today and having DVD release starting October 7th SLEDGE is a one of those films that has moments but is ultimately something you'll want to avoid.

According to the press material the film is supposed to be about a crazy guy who thinks he's a sledge hammer wielding superhero in a movie who stalks some campers. Its supposed to be a horror comedy.

While I will admit the film does have a few really funny low brow jokes, mostly this is  really dull film where people sit around and talk for the vast a majority of it. I think the film is close to an hour old before anything interesting happens- which wouldn't be bad except this is a 75 minute movie- or if you chop out the end credits a 71 minute movie.

While I liked the opening couple of minutes, by the time we finished the extended driving sequence that fills a good 15 minutes of screen time I was done. I was even more done as the next half hour ended up largely people sitting in the woods talking.

What is this? I mean there is more action to be found  in a morgue.

This is horrible, well not really bad but incredibly dull and so inactive you'll wonder why you're watching it...or most of it is. Occasionally a funny line escapes, but they are too few and far between.

Early on when the film actually had a forward momentum I was amused by the ultra-cheap look.Then you got the long driving sequence with voice over which was followed by the even worse dull people sitting around in folding chair in the woods and I realized that the ultra-cheap look was the result of a script that had the characters doing nothing and directors who couldn't come up with anything for them to do.

While bits of the so called action scenes are good, mostly they look worse than what most kids making their home movies are turning out today. Hell I did better with some of Super 8 films when I was a kid.

One has to remember there is a huge difference between making a home movie for you and your friends to laugh at and be amused by, and another to ask people to actually pay to see, or worse pay to own- two things I highly recommend against.

Avoid this one- or if you must see this one make some other poor slob pay for it.

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