Friday, September 26, 2014

The New York Film Festival: Shorts Collection 1 makes me wonder why they were picked

These films are kind of lifeless Jim
I usually look forward to the shorts at The New York Film Festival  To be certain the selections tend to swing in the gamut from great to weak but I always know why the films were picked...

...until this year.  I saw most of Collection 1 and to be completely honest I have no idea why any of them were picked. (For the record two films were not screened for the press).

Of the 5 films they screened three  of the films seemed to be the start of a longer film.

In August has a young girl going for a joy ride with her dad right before he separates from his wife to live else where. Its a great little piece, but that's what it is, a little piece.

Ophelia has Hannah Schygulla as an elderly woman wandering through her life remembering her past and trying to get through today. Its not bad, and it has a great central performance, but it doesn't add up to much with much that the festival saying is in the film only appearing in the notes.

The Girl and the Dogs as three girls heading to a party. They stop for a moment then one of the girl tells a creation myth after they find two dead dogs and then they head off to the party. 

Turtle has a woman pick up a man selling a turtle so she can photograph him and...that's about it.

Humor is the odd film out it's a surreal look at various people who feign screaming. Its just weird.

I was left wondering why any of them were picked since all of them start some where and then just kind of stop. They aren't bad, they just sort of are.. Worse they all end before they amount to anything thing.

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