Sunday, September 7, 2014

Richard Linklater and Ellar Coltrane talk Boyhood at the IFC Center July 10,2014

Chocko is the man when it comes to get film and video of various events. Little does anyone suspect that behind the friendly demeanor lies the heart and soul of the paparazzi who will stop at nothing, even running over his grandma to get a shot. That may sound cruel until you realize that Chocko's grandma was one of the first paparazzi and she had little respect for our intrepid reporter until the day he hip-checked her into a flower cart in order to be the one to get a shot of Tony Bennett with Snoop Dog. Ever since that day Chocko was her favorite.

But I digress....

Chocko attended a special screening of Boyhood back in July with the director and star in attendance.  I held off posting his video since I wanted to see the film before I put the video up. I say this because If I put the video up odds are I'd watch it, potentially wrecking the film before I saw it. Since I've now seen it I'm sharing the Q&A with you

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