Friday, March 3, 2017


IMAGINATIONLAND was supposed to be the second South Park film but the studios balked so trey and Matt simply rejiggered it released it as three episodes of the TV show. The result is that one of the most clever animated films is now hidden from the view of most people.

The plot of the show has the boys trying to see if leprechauns are real. If they are Stan will have to suck Cartman's balls. In the process the boys cross over into Imagination land just as terrorists invade with the idea of blowing up the wall between the good part of the world and the bad.

This may very well be the high point of the South Park series. It’s the point where Matt and Trey manage to be incredibly silly while teaching an important lesson about the importance of imagining things and believing in myth. As Stan says late in the story its very possible the made up characters have done more good and given more meaning than real people.

I know these thee shows are important to the guys because not only were they released as a movie on DVD in their own right, Matt and Trey did a commentary track for it where they talk through the whole film. You can see that they are very happy with what they were doing, something that they don’t seem to be with the series as a whole. As many fans of the fan the series has been very hit or miss over the last few years and this was the last time they seemed happiest.

Highly recomended

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