Wednesday, March 29, 2017

UNIVERSAL IN THE '70s: PART 2 at Metrograph April 6-20

The Second Part of Series Celebrating Anything-Goes Studio Filmmaking Featuring Films by Sidney Lumet, Paul Schrader, Don Siegel, and more! All 35mm!

Beginning Thursday April 6, Metrograph will present the second part of "Universal in the '70s," a celebration of anything-goes studio filmmaking. Starting with executive Ned Tanen’s storied “youth division”, no studio so completely embraced New Hollywood’s spirit of upheaval and high-wire experiment as did Universal. In this visionary decade, Universal fostered young upstarts like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, imported Miloš Forman for his U.S. debut, and gave a free hand to old pros like Hitchcock and Don Siegel (and his understudy Clint Eastwood). In these more tepid times, Universal’s track record provides a shining, necessary example of what a studio with conviction can do. Continuing where it left off in January, "Universal in the '70s: Part 2" includes films by Jerry Schatzberg, Paul Newman, Frank Perry, Clint Eastwood, Paul Schrader, John Landis, Philip Kaufman, and more!

Titles include:
The Seduction of Joe Tynan (Jerry Schatzberg/1979/108 mins)
Sometimes a Great Notion (Paul Newman/1970/114 mins)
Slaughterhouse Five (George Roy Hill/1972/104 mins)
The Beguiled (Don Siegel/1971/105 mins)
Diary of a Mad Housewife (Frank Perry/1970/104 mins)
Play Misty for Me (Clint Eastwood/1971/102 mins)
Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (Abraham Polonsky/1969/98 mins)
They Might Be Giants (Anthony Harvey/1971/98 mins)
Blue Collar (Paul Schrader/1978/114 mins)
The Sentinel (Michael Winner/1977/92 mins)
The Wiz (Sidney Lumet/1978/134 mins)
National Lampoon's Animal House (John Landis/1978/109 mins)
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (Philip Kaufman/1972/91 mins)
Which Way Is Up? (Michael Schultz/1977/94 mins)

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