Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Search of Israeli Cuisine (2017)

James Beard Award-winning chef and New York Times best-selling author Michael Solomonov travels across Israel to find out what exactly is Israeli cuisine.

What exactly Israeli cuisine is largely open to discussion. By Solomonov's count it's a mix of at least the cuisine of 150 nations that were filtered through the Jewish people who brought it to Israel mixed with the food of everyone who passes through the country.  Its a huge mixture of tastes and smells and colors and delights. Its something you will want to experience for yourself.

While not the absolute and utter food porn of several recent food docs, IN SEARCH OF ISRAELI CUISINE will make you hungry. Full of all sorts of intriguing dishes the film had yours truly, a notorious non-foodie wanting to schlep into Manhattan where there might be chance that I could find some of the food mentioned in the film.

IN SEARCH OF... is a really good film. It is an excellent long form look at a country and it's food. I say this because there is a tendency for many food films to be simply the equivalent of a couple of TV show episodes stitched together. That is not the case here.  Solomonov and director Roger Sherman take the feature film form and really go to town to really explore a country and it's food.

I really like this film

IN SEARCH OF ISRAELI CUISINE March 24th at both the Angelika Film Center & Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and on March 31st around the country

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