Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kinnari (2017)

Christopher Di Nunzio, who rocked the house with DELUSION, returns with an excellent short film KINNARI.

The film concerns a man contemplating mortality who has an encounter with a woman. Actually the film is less a film with a classical narrative then a philosophical mediation on life and death. Its small, but powerful story about a man and woman who he meets and meets again.

A solid little film it, I kept waiting for the film to go somewhere only to become absolutely delighted when the film became one man's explanation of life and death. Everything clicked and became this wonderful small gem of a film. The cinematic equivalent to one of those philosophical plaques that some people hang on their walls. This is one man's statement of existence and his sharing it with us makes us better.

Thinking about the film I realized that this would make an excellent companion film for DiNunzio's earlier film DELUSION. I can't explain to you why, to do so would take the magic of both films, but if you see both films (which you should).

Normally I would urge you to track the film down, however in this case all you need do is take five minutes out of your day and click on the film above since the film is currently up for free on You Tube and Vimeo. I really like the film a great deal and I think you will too.

The Facebook page for the film is here.

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