Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nightcap 3/5/17 we will not be covering SXSW, Random Oscars thoughts, Links

Not sure what we need to resist
This is a brief announcement- Unseen Films will not cover anything having to do with SXSW this year. If filmmakers want coverage I will provide it- after the festival and or if they will allow it  to be unbranded regarding the festival.

The AV Club reported Thursday that the festival has a clause warning any non US band that plays outside of their slots that they face deportation. The Fest claims it’s standard business language and intended to prevent destruction and that they wouldn't really use it.

Perhaps- but it’s bullshit and if you would never use why did you include it?

I have no problem with them canceling shows, hotels and other things the festival provides, the deportation is something I won’t stand for. If for no other reason they invited them here.

While I am sure in a less tense political climate it might not be taken so seriously, but right now it smells to high heaven and with the bile spewing from the Trump White House it smacks intolerance.

Unseen won't stand for it.

While SXSW has taken some steps to correct the problem, for now the language remains and so does the ban.
The Oscars…

Yea well they got a lot of it right. I actually was okay with them until the Best Actor and Actress awards

I can’t believe that LALA LAND won the Oscar for cinematography over SILENCE. Emma Stone was good but hardly the best. She’s done better- say Cabaret on Broadway. (Yes I know it isn’t a film). Not so sure about Casey Affleck not because of his abuse, more the realization its basically what he does every time out of the box. Also Denzel’s performance has grown larger in my head.

Damien Chazelle looked, as someone pointed out, like supervillain.

I want to thank Donald Trump for knocking TONI ERDMAN out of the running for Foreign Film and assuring WHITE HELMETS won the short doc.

It was an okay group of awards and until the Best Picture screw up a rather bland show.
Look for new releases, festival films and one or two old  films this week,
Randi's links

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