Wednesday, December 12, 2018

American Assassin (2017)

This really good espionage action film is destined to be discovered on cable after disappearing unceremoniously in the theaters. Perhaps it might even result in a another film.

Young man is unable to save his girlfriend in a terrorist attack. He ends up joining the CIA as an agent cum assassin with the idea he will be able to track down the people responsible. Falling in with an older agent played fantastically by Michael Keaton the young an finds he's soon hunting a vengeful ex agent who wants to make Keaton pay for leaving him to die with a nuclear bomb.

This film is gripping from the first as there are twists aplenty and tons of action. You can't help but get sucked in. Even my dad, who normally plays his computer games while watching movies stopped playing to give it all his full attention.

No it isn't perfect, there is a point about an hour in when it seems that they left something out, but it is nothing major and once  the twists really start coming you really won't care.

Highly recommended for action fans, its currently in rotation on cable.

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