Friday, December 14, 2018


Rethink in fantasy terms of the Legend of King Arthur. Intended to be the first of five films in a series it wobbled enough at the box office to doom any follow ups.

After escaping from a battle between his father and uncle as an young child Arthur drifts in a boat to London. There he grows up in a brothel where he has his own band of men. While in the midst of battle he pulls a sword from a stone and collapses from the swords power. Filled in on who he is by is evil Uncle, Arthur is then set for execution. He is rescued and then begins to lean of the power of the sword and to get revenge on his uncle.

Playing like a four hour film with half of it cut out KING ARTHUR has some great characters, some fantastic set pieces (the battles are great) but little in the way of sense. Way too much of the plot is missing that the film is almost impossible to truly comprehend. Who are these people? We really don't know. The result is that past a certain point we really don't care. Yes we love the action but we don't care about the people.

Personally I would love to know if there is some sort of longer cut of the film. While messy in the extreme,  there is enough of a frame work to make me think that this might have been something before someone took scissors to it.(It is light years ahead of the recent Robin Hood retread which had no workable script)

While not the complete write off that some have claimed, this is far from perfect but it is an acceptable popcorn film especially for a rainy day.

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