Saturday, December 22, 2018

Lost and Found (2018)

My discovery of LOST AND FOUND is one of the great joys of the film year. Vaulting near to the top of my best of the year list, it is a glorious exploration of love and friendship that will bring tears to your eyes (and possibly uncontrollable sobbing).

The film is the story of a stuffed dinosaur and his best buddy a stuffed fox. When the fox falls in a fountain, the dinosaur races to save his friend.

I will say no more other than if you have ever truly loved anyone, you will relate to this film. Trust me.

This film is a perfect exploration of the things we will do to keep those we love safe regardless of the cost. It both delighted me and crushed me. I was wiping my eyes as the film played out. I simply cannot recommend the film enough.

Oscar for this film? Yes please.
Oscar for this film? Yes please.


  1. just found it and watched it. one of the cutest, sweetest and saddest shorts I've seen! thanks for posting about it