Sunday, December 2, 2018

Duly Noted 12/2/18

Because I'm running into a large number of films that fail to warrant a capsule review or the effort to try and write one I'm starting a new series which I'm calling DULY NOTED. The idea is that if we see a film that we want to note we saw but which we have not enough to say we'll put them all together and put it in one place. Think of it as the Unseen Films version of the blurbs that used to show up in TV Guide.

This week we start slowly with two films about filmmakers

While containing interviews with some of the best directors of the last few decades (John Badham, Adriane Lyne, Taylor Hackford, Jodie Foster, Warren Beatty) talking about making their first film most of the film is taken up focused by Jonathan Baker who rephrases what we just heard and speaks of becoming an icon, while making his first film. The interviews are great but too small a portion of the film to recommend. (Hits VOD December 4)

Loving portrait of the late FAST AND THE FURIOUS actor is a must for fans, not so much for everyone else. Good but I am not even remotely a big enough fan to need 90 minutes on his life.
(Out on VOD now it hits DVD December 4)

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