Monday, December 31, 2018

Best of 2018 Part 2- Best Of The Best

These are the top of all the films I saw in 2018. (The first four are the absolute cream of the crop.)

PADDINGTON 2 - pure joy. This film makes you smile and that is all that matters

BENEATH THE INK- I have never been contacted by filmmakers unconnected by a film and had them tell me I had to see a film. Not only filmmakers I was in contact with but other ones I was not. This short film  about a tattoo artist who covers over hateful tattoos which people who no longer believe in hate is, hands down, bar none the best doc of the year and maybe of any film. I wept at the final reveal and I can't recommend it enough. As for the Academy who didn't put this on the short list- you all are dead wrong and should be ashamed of yourselves.(Click the link)

HOLD ME DOWN- day in the life of a single mom who works as a stripper is so perfect a film as to stop being a narrative film or a film of any sort and just be life. It will kick you to the motherf-ing curb. (click the Link)

LOST AND FOUND- hands down one of my favorite films of all time. This story of two friends trying to save each other broke my heart and healed it and reduced me to a sobbing mess. (click the link)

WORLD BEFORE YOUR FEET - one of my favorite directors Jeremy Workman turns his gaze on a man walking every block of New York City and reveals that there are  thing we don't know about the places we always go.

US FOREVER AGO- seeing this haunting experimental film was like seeing lightning for the first time. This is a film that has me beyond words.

AT ETERNITY'S GATE- a film about a painter by a painter wrecked me because it explains why I write and create

MAIDEN- the story of one woman who put a crew of women together and raced around the world is one hell of a tale simply told- because it doesn't need punching up.

CARMINE STREET GUITARS- the story of a small guitar store and the people who run it is just great time with great people

CARGO- a father infected by zombies must get his baby to safety before he goes away is as moving a tale of parental love as you can get

DESTINY THE TALE OF KAMAKURA- wonderful fantasy romance of the wonders around us and the course of true love

SATAN & ADAM- the story of friendship and music and it doesn't go as you expect and we are soooo much better for it

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA- portrait of the composer over several years will open your eyes to how there is music everywhere and how nothing is forbidden when creating.

MANILA DEATH SQUAD- wonderful short that is as perfect a short as you can get

EARTHRISE-the story of a picture that never should have been taken and how it changed the world. Wow.

LUZ- not so much a horror film but a love story. A genre bending masterpiece which I will post a review of as soon as they release the damn thing in the US (I am embargoed)

GREENAWAY ALPHABET- Peter Greenaway's wife made a film about her husband that is the most Greenaway like film in years.

WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY- yes I know this is several years old but I only saw it this year and it still out shone so many others. This is the best take on the HG Wells story and just one hell of a ride when compared to any other.

MAN ON FIRE- I was left broken by this tale of a minister who set himself on fire to protest hatred in his community. It is heartbreaking.

MAKING MONTGOMERY CLIFT- this film reclaims the life and legacy of the great actor through his own words and artifacts- lets just say everything you think you know is wrong.

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