Sunday, December 30, 2018

Once more help PR person extraordinaire Kaila Hier return to the US and bring us all movies

Kaila, Pierre the Lama and Leah Shore
Kaila Heir still can't come to the US and she still needs some help getting unbanned.

Below is a repost of the original appeal I put up in April when it was hoped that Kaila would be able to work things out reasonably quickly but because things have slowed down in part because of the way the government works and in part because Trump's Administration have shifted the rules she's still stuck on the outside looking in.

Because You Caring where her original appeal went down and because more money is required, Kaila has set up a GoFund me page. Because things have changed and this new appeal has gone live I'm reposting the original piece I did in the hope that you will find it in your heart to throw Kaila some cash and thus continue to have really cool films brought to your attention.

I need to take a minute out and ask that you help an acquaintance and more importantly a major connection for my cinematic addition, Kaila Hier. Kaila is a PR person who has been feeding many of us in the Unseen Films family films for several years thanks to her connection to great film festivals such as Fantasia, Final Girls Berlin and the Boston Underground Film Festivals. She has been responsible for our discovering a lot of films which are now near and dear to our hearts. She is a sweet and lovely person and someday I home to meet her in real life.

Kaila, is not based in the United States and because of the nature she goes where the work takes her which is around the world, often working on several projects globally at the same time from a remote location. During a stay in the US which wasn't listed as a business trip she sent off some business emails and the US government took exception and banned her from entering the US country for five years. (You can read the details here). Its bullshit of course, especially in this interconnected world, but as a result she can’t come to the US.

As things stand she has an attorney who said she can appeal the ban but she needs the money to file for the appeal and to pay for the fees required to file the papers. To that end she has set up a You Caring page in order to pay for the costs.

I know that a lot of you like what we do here at Unseen Films. You like that we reveal all of these crazy little films you’ve never heard of. You love that we open your horizons well if you want to make sure we can continue to have as wide a view of cinema as possible we need you to click and give a couple of bucks to help make it so Kaila can be back into the US. Make it easier for her to come here and do what she is really good at which is spread the word on festivals and films we all need to be seeing.

Now I know many of you can’t afford to do anything big time. I'm not asking for a huge donation. I know you are barely getting by, but if I can ask you to just take the cost of a cup of coffee, just one cup, and send it to Kaila you’ll be helping keep Unseen, and thus yourself well stocked with cinematic treasures. Seriously t’s any small gesture, and nothing more from a lot of really good people will result in the long run with lots of new films for you to see and marvel at.(Trust me Kaila is really good at finding really good films to rep and share)

So if you can please take a minute and give a couple of bucks so Kaila can keep sending us movies which will broaden our horizons and make the world a better place.


To donate or to read about what exactly happened and why Kaila was banned go here.

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