Sunday, December 16, 2018

Brief thoughts on Take Light (2018)

A look at the situation in Nigeria where the electrical power system was privatized because the  state run power company couldn't deliver power 24/7 and most people had to rely on generators. Focusing on Martins, an electrical engineer trying to get the power on,  Deborah a bill collector trying to navigate the system which used to be rife with corruption and Godwin who illegally hooks up people in the night.

Thought provoking film that has larger implications as we see a nominally rich country struggle to meet it's basic needs. Can Nigeria  move away from the past and actually provide the basic service that everyone needs? Its a struggle considering that despite the prosperity of the countries material wealth many people are still unemployed and the country is saddle with generations of  a corrupt system where you could pay a little money, or a goat, to circumvent the authorities. 

The film also highlights the battle that is going on in the country, and one can assume other countries, where the old way and old systems are facing a shock to the system and being dragged into a more modern world. Can and should  the old way of doing things survive?  How do you change the thinking of generations of ingrained thoughts?

Director Shasha Nakhai has made a  wonderful film. Its one of those films that takes it's time to get under your skin but once it does you find yourself hooked.By the end you find your brain full of lots of questions you find yourself pondering.

Currently available On Demand, TAKE LIGHT hits Bluray and DVD on December 18th

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