Monday, September 9, 2019

In brief: Unseen (2019)

The short UNSEEN is playing a qualifying run in LA right now. It is the story of a young woman who gets kidnapped when she goes for hat she thinks is a modeling job.

Its an earnest and well made film that unfortunately has more heart than anything. There is nothing really wrong with the film that another hour of screen time couldn't fix. The problem is the film lays out it's tale in too leisurely manner and then rushes to the end. If you know what the film is about you know where its going to go and you just wait for it to happen which is toward the very end of the film. While its message is important it is sabotaged by a too short running time where they try to get it all in.

While I initially was not going to review the film, it hung with me after I saw it and while I am not a fan of the film I recognize that there is something here. I am posting this piece in the hop that someone will go see the film and then finance a proper feature version.

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