Sunday, October 14, 2018

Anissa 2002 (2018) Bushwick Film Festival

Anissa is being brought by her parents to Morocco for her wedding. Never mind she is 16, and doesn’t want to go, her parents have determined it's time. When she asks her mother about love she is told it wasn’t important and will only find love when she has her children. This doesn’t sit well with the girl who runs off and holds up with two English men who are renovating a house.

This is a solid little film. I would love to see it expanded to full feature length. While this 48 minute gem does what it has to do before getting off, there is a great deal of territory it could explore if it wanted to. This is a film that wonderfully explores the crash of cultures as a young Muslim woman who is living Europe with all its hopes and possibilities is suddenly confronted with forcibly going back to a place where all of that will go away. How would you react? Watching the film my mind went spinning and I kept wanting to know more about the world that was bleeding off the screen.

One of the best films at the Bushwick Film Festival it is highly recommended

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