Sunday, October 21, 2018

God Knows Where I Am is hitting DVD Tuesday

Beginning with the finding of the body of Linda Bishop in an empty house in New Hampshire, GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM works backwards to explore how she got there. It is a heart breaking, almost too painful to watch tale of a woman who was unable to help herself and who died alone during a freezing winter.

The story of Linda Bishop is reconstructed through interviews with friends, family, those who tried to help her and the notebooks she left behind. Bishop grew up a well loved and friendly young girl however serious mental illness crept in and she found herself institutionalized. Bishop ever the free spirit wanted to be free and when she could she left the hospital, aware that it may not be the best thing but knowing she couldn't stay. What happens will rock your world.

Almost too painful for words and incredibly sad GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM is a blow to the chest. A tale that could end up being one that anyone of us follows this was a film that made me look away several times. The fact that I could connect the story to a similarly now deceased friend made the film close to unbearable for me to see. Bishop's tale is not an isolated one.

I am broken

Despite being difficult to watch GOD KNOWS is an important and vital film. It is a film that reveals that there is much that needs to be done to help those with problems. It is a film that quietly and powerfully illustrates what some people with mental illness are going through.

Highly recommended when the film hits home video Tuesday.

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