Monday, November 19, 2018

August Rush

You will either buy into this contrived tale of orphan who hears music then runs off New York to find his parents or you won't.I didn't.

Cloyingly cute I had no patience for it and squirmed from the opening bits of the kid conducting the wind, through the flash back meeting of young rock star dad and rich girl cellist torn apart by her disapproving dad, on to the really annoying Robin "Please put my head in a duck press to make me stop screaming" Williams and then to the oh gee ending. I hated almost every moment other than the music. Whats worse was I didn't bail when I had the chance (what would it take stand up and walk out) and stayed to the hand holding ending in the hope that it would all turn around and I'd get weepy. No such luck. Hey this might click for you, it did for several ladies in my office, but for me it was time I won't get back

hey things are looking up I have eating aluminum foil on the slate for dinner and after my bath I will be combing my hair with a rusty cheese grater

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