Saturday, November 17, 2018

Clyde Cooper (2018)

I was not planning on watching, let alone reviewing CLYDE COOPER.  I was in the middle of DOC NYC and I didn't have it in me chase down a screening link. Then the distributor sent me a whole bunch of links as a Halloween treat...and at a point when I never wanted to see another documentary again I sat down and gave it a shot...and damn its really good.

Set in the near future the plot is set in motion when Cooper is hired by a rich tech investor to find a certain woman. She is the love of his life and wants her back. Of course things go side ways.

Jordi Vilasuso is Cooper and he needs to make this a series. Vilasuso does a modern day up date of the hard boiled detective thing perfectly. He's tough and smart ass and always seems to be in control even when he isn't. While there are some bumps here and there in the film Vilasuso is always on target and he carries things along.

Yes, we've seen this sort of thing before but the script by director Peter Daskaloff is perfectly balanced so we don't care. Daskaloff as both writer and director knows how to lull us into going with the film and just having a good time. I enjoyed myself so much that I've been talking it up since I saw it.

Is this high art? Oh hell no but it is cinematic comfort food of the highest order.

CLYDE COOPER is recommended when it hits VOD on November 22

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