Sunday, November 11, 2018

In Brief:Olympia (2018) DOC NYC 2018

Olympia is a wonderful portrait of the great Olympia Dukakis as she lives and breaths. This is not your typical birth to now recounting of her life but almost two hours with the great lady as she travels, performs and goes through paces. All along the way director Harry Mavromichalis peppers her with questions about her life and thoughts. We get it all, Olympia holds nothing back (really) with the result that we are pulled really close to her.

This is a truly wonderful portrait of the Grand Dame of the theater and big screen. Rarely has any person, of any sort, but this much of themselves out there for everyone to see. I honestly don’t think there is anything you’ll not know about her by the end. It is as good a cinematic biography as you are ever likely to see. (It’s so good that the only thing I can think of bad to say about the film is that some people are going to find it a little long at 105 minutes- but they don’t count)

Highly recommended

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