Sunday, November 18, 2018

Notes about this week, Blood in the Snow and December at Unseen Films

As DOC NYC winds down and Thanksgiving approaches its time to remind you that as we've done every year since we started all this week we’ll be looking at a week of cinematic turkeys. These are films that really aren’t good and just should be avoided. I know that some of you will disapprove of a couple of choices, but differing opinions is what makes a horse race.

There will be a lot of films thrown up so I’m sure you’ll find something to hate.

The cinematic turkeys will be in addition to some new releases and coverage of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival which starts Thursday.
Also with the end of DOC NYC I want to say that the flow of brand new films is going to slow. As of right now we only have a few new titles to post and one festival left to cover (Blood in The Snow) and then we are pretty much done to the new year...more or less.

Yes I will be dropping a few new release titles here and there, but in the interest of my sanity I’m taking what remains of the year and just watching the films I want to see- which means catch up. I have spent most of the last 11 months watching things sent to me or for festivals and have missed way too many things that I really wanted to see. Or as Nate Hood said to me this past Wednesday "You know Hollywood still makes films."

I know and there are a lot of those films I really want to see. This means lots of catch up reviews (especially in the second half of December) as we tally the films of 2018 for our year end lists and another go round with the Unseen Film Awards.

And regarding Blood in the Snow I've seen all of the shorts and there is some great stuff there. Go see the collections- reviews will run this Week. But don't wait go buy tickets.

I've only seen one feature as the posts- ALTERED SKIN, but I loved it's low key take on the zombie/plague genre. Its a must see.

A word of warning:while I was hoping to get to everything that has screeners available I may not get to the collection of streaming shows for review. Its not for lack of desire but time. There are a lot of shows which mean a lot of writing (which I found doing all the short films)...and its Thanksgiving week here in the US so family time is priority. It still may happen-they don't screen for a week- but I'm not sure.

Until then just buy tickets and go because it's all good.

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