Thursday, November 15, 2018


Portrait of no budget filmmaker Stephen Groo who has made almost 200 films in the last 20 years by any means necessary. No budget is too small for Groo who makes films because he has to.

Full disclosure watching the film I realized that I have seen a couple of Groo's films over the years. I couldn't tell you what they were because other than the cheapness they never stayed with me. And to be completely fair I can't be certain I didn't turn them off before the end.

You have to admire his drive.

That said I'm really not sure we needed a 90 minute love letter to Groo. While I'm sure his fans will disagree, I was largely done after about 20 minutes. There isn't enough here to support a feature film. Its largely shots of him making the film and stories of past films. That's fine for a while but after a while it runs out of steam.

The idea of covering the work of a no budget film maker isn't anything new, but usually either they are short enough not to wear out their welcome or they have something more to offer (see Jason Kartalian's GIANT WOMEN MICRO-BUDGET or KUNG FU ELLIOT)

If you love low no budget films give it a shot. All others take a pass.

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