Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Thanksgiving Second Helpings: 35mm 3-D + 4 Quad Favorites

Thanksgiving Specials
The Quad reprises four of this year's repertory favorites and revives our 35mm 3-D extravaganza for one weekend only!

Second Helpings

Wed Nov 21 – 22
To show thanks for our great audiences, the Quad is offering seconds of four recent repertory hits, none of them turkeys.
All That Jazz
Bob Fosse, 1979, U.S., 123m, 35mm

The Last Days of Disco
Whit Stillman, 1998, U.S., 113m, DCP

Purple Noon
René Clément, 1960, France/Italy, 118m, 35mm

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Mike Nichols, 1966, U.S., 130m, 35mm

Comin’ Back At Ya!
A 35mm 3-D weekend

November 23 – 25
The Quad reprises its now legendary 2017 3-D extravaganza with three days of demented three-dimensional mayhem. With today’s 3-D fully digitized into lockstep with DCP, we revisit some of the more arcane, quixotic, and disreputable uses of the process in the early ’80s over/under boom, that was heavy on horror sequels, sci-fi adventures, idiosyncratic cult movies, and grindhouse fare. Join us for an all-35mm survey.

Programmed by Harry Guerro in association with Exhumed Films
Amityville 3-D
Richard Fleischer, 1983, U.S., 105m, 35mm

Comin’ At Ya!
Ferdinando Baldi, 1981, Italy/Spain/U.S., 91m, 35mm

Flesh for Frankenstein
Paul Morrissey, 1973, Italy/U.S./France, 95m, 35mm

Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror
Enrique López Eguiluz, 1968, Spain/West Germany, 78m, 35mm

Friday the 13th Part III
Steve Miner, 1982, U.S., 96m, 35mm

Jaws 3-D
Joe Alves, 1983, U.S., 99m, 35mm

Charles Band, 1982, U.S., 85m, 35mm

Run for Cover
Richard W. Haines, 1995, U.S., 83m, 35mm
With Haines in person Sat November 24!

Silent Madness
Simon Nuchtern, 1984, U.S., 93m, 35mm

Treasure of the Four Crowns
Ferdinando Baldi, 1983, Spain/Italy/U.S., 97m, 35mm

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