Saturday, May 16, 2020

Union Bridge (2019) hits home video May 19

Returning home Will finds he is unwelcome thanks to the sins of the past. In trying to sort things out he begins to uncover his town's darkest secrets and no one is particularly happy about it.

This modern noir is a nifty little thriller. Bouyed by an excellent cast who play it all for real. Everyone is invested and it lifts what could have been a typical thriller into something much more.

You'll forgive me if I don't go into too many details but part of the fun for me was not having any clue as to where this was going. That is the result of my simply agreeing to review the film because I had a slot to fill as a result of the Covid 19 nonsense. Some times miracles happen and you stumble up on small hidden gems that make your day.

I suspect that UNION BRIDGE was not on your must see list but it should be. This is a great thriller that pulls you along. In an age when we are stuck watching instead of doing it is films like this that remind us that like in the real world going off the well worn cinematic trails offers up unexpected pleasures.


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  1. ok flik. was gr8 he finds the buried treasure in the end...