Friday, December 4, 2020

Brief thoughts on THE LEGEND OF BARON TO'A

Fritz  returns to New Zealand and his Tongan neighborhood to sell his family home. His father has died and his uncle is still living there, but he needs the money for new business back in Australia. Thins quickly go from bad to worse when he annoys the local gang who end up stealing his father's wrestling championship belt. This sets Fritz on a quest to get it back and reconnect with his roots.

This is a sweet gem of a film. Why aren't people talking about it? Full of winning characters, funny jokes and great action it makes you smile. In all seriousness the wrestling  based fights are really good. They make you laugh and wince in all the right proportions. 

You want to see this film, trust me.

THE LEGEND OF BARON TO'A hits VOD today and i highly recommended

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