Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Film Finds 2020

Every year there are films that just miss the best of the year list but which still need to be noted at the year's end because they are so good.

ASHFALL- Batshit crazy film from Korea about a volcano erupting in the South and the need to use an atomic bomb in the north. Its none stop and totally nuts

ANIMATION OUTLAWS- A fantastic look at Spike and Mike and how they shaped the animation you know and love.

STATE AGAINST MANDELA AND OTHERS-an excellent and moving look at the trial that sent Nelson Mandela and others to prison. 

RESIDUE- Merawi Gerima steps into the spotlight.

ASK NO QUESTIONS- a great look at the nasty things China is doing to the Falun Gong

TO CALM THE PIG INSIDE-a wonderful portrait of an island destroyed by a storm.

QUEEN OF THE CAPITAL-I have been thinking about the wonderful people in this film since I saw it. All I want to do is go to DC and give them a big hug

ma┼éni—towards the ocean, towards the shore- glorious cinematic experience-see it as big as possible with no distractions.

400MPH- magnificent short about a chimp with a need for speed

WASHED- a horror comedy that that an unexpected ending and my undying love

SOFTIE- the story of a man trying to save his country. It has one of the best exchanges in cinema history as Softie's daughter decides she wants to help her dad

BEARS INVASION OF SICILY- magnificent animated film about the title event which echoes with the world of today.

EMA- see this for the sound and image which are so arresting it makes the film a must see

PRIVATE FICTION- a look at family and things left behind through a look at the history of Argentina

COMFORTER- a glorious short horror film that will make you never want to sleep again

SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL- a rethink of the Robert Parker Spenser for Hire books and characters- I want a sequel

SLEEP- Portrait of Max Richter's eight and half hour piece of music to sleep to (not to worry this is under two)

OLIVER SACHS: IN HIS OWN WORDS- Portrait of the man that will make you miss him all the more

REACH OF RESONANCE- Steve Elkins first film is a glorious look at differently sourced music
LOVE SPREADS- story of a rock group making an album. Announced for Tribeca, put into the Press Library before the director demanded it be pulled, I managed to catch it and fall under its spell. Its a wonderful film that I want to see again.

SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME -Portrait of Ron Wood is probably the best film on the Rolling Stones ever made.

MY BROTHERS KEEPER-magnificent  portrait of a guard and a prisoner who changed each other's lives.

SWORD OF GOD- portrait of Christian missionaries getting in over their head

MY HEART CAN'T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT- small gem of a horror film about two sibling taking care of their brother who needs blood to survive

INFLUENCE- if you want to know why the world is fucked up see this portrait of Lord Timothy Bell who will do anything for money

FRIED BARRY- great film about an alien taking the body of a bad man for a spin and finding humanity.

ASSASSINS- a mind-bending look at the murder of the brother of Kim Jong-un that involved unwitting killers
CURED- the moving story of the fight to have homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses.

THEY SAY NOTHING STAYS THE SAME- glorious film about change that should have been at the New York Film Festival not the New York Asian Film Festival.

CUTIES-controversial film about the abuse and sexualization of young girls became a lightning rod by people who didn't see or understand the film. It may not be perfect but it is a punch in the face

ABRACADABRA- A wild and crazy film about magic that it why I love the movies.

YANKEE- Glorious action film would be on my best of the best list were it not for the terrible cinematography. that said the film, the story and the characters haunt you

GONE WITH THE LIGHT- great film about what happens to those left behind after people randomly disappear in a flash of light.

LEGEND OF BARON TO'A- a great film about finding family, home and culture that doesn't do what you'd expect

SON OF THE WHITE MARE- one the greatest works of visual art I've ever seen. If the plot was a bit more under control it would be on my best of the year list

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