Sunday, December 13, 2020

Nightcap 12/13/20: The Passing of Kim Ki-duk, thoughts on films on other people's best of the year list, Spiderman and Marvel announcements

I'm going to begin by noting the passing of one of my favorite directors Kim Ki-duk. Forgive me this is going to be a bit split personality.

The creator of challenging, often unpleasant and off kilter films, he made films that I didn't always like, but always was glad I saw. His films were set in a world that was raw and brutal and involved people crashing into each other not only physically but emotionally. Everyone in his films had scars and bruises on the inside which controlled how they acted. (In a weird way I wasn't surprised with the recent charges of sexual harassment).

I was a fan early on and he was one of the filmmakers I hoped to meet and interview down the line.

The unfortunate thing about his passing is that it resulted in my discovering that he had been charged with multiple sexual assaults. Since I am notoriously not up on film news, I tend to miss a great deal, I don't ever remember hearing about the assaults. Sadly considering the sexual violence in his films it really didn't surprise me that it occurred.  While some people can make films about violence and they remain nice sweat people there was always something about Ki-duk's films that had an edge to them that made you wonder what sort of person he was - I mean they all are kind of ugly.

Since I heard about his death and the charges I'm left pondering his films and if the real world is going to let me see his films again. Where the actions of Roman Polanski are divorced enough from his films that I can watch them, Kim Ki-duk's actions are reflected in his films. It's kind of like how the allegations against Woody Allen have made many of his films difficult if not impossible to watch.

There is more to say, and I will do so down the line since I am working on a couple of essays on related subjects, one on the cruelty in Korean cinema and another on Woody Allen, for the New Year. I can't fully do a proper piece because news of his death comes to days before this posts.

For those who are curious about the films of Kim Ki-duk here are links to some of the films that we reviewed here at Unseen. Approach them with caution.



Playing catch up and discovering I'm not loving a lot of films that are showing up on some Best of the Year lists coming my way

I saw FIRST COW on cable and really didn't care for it. Then again I am not a Kelly Reichardt fan.

I'M THINK OF ENDING THINGS had me laughing all the way through. Billed as a horror film I found it to be a screamingly funny joke on the audience and one of the most pretentious pieces of trash I've seen all year. While I was never a fan of Charlie Kaufman this film is the least he's made

THE INVISIBLE MAN was good but I didn't see it quite as glorious as some of my friends. I'm guessing that having heard about it for months before I saw it weakened it's power.

DAVID BYRNE'S AMERICAN UTOPIA is very good and I've seen it a couple of times now. The one thing that has struck me is that while it is very much a recording of the stage show- it is actually is not the experience of the stage show. Spike Lee has made a wonderful film and those who see it live after the film might be slightly disappointed.


More and more actors, from every Spiderman and Marvel property  are being announced for the next Spiderman film. I have no idea what they are doing but all I can think is either the film is going to be 9 hours long or all the appearances are going to be fleeting. 

I do agree with Hubert Vigilla and think they need to include Nicholas Hammond from the 1970's Spiderman TV series.

As for the announcement of upcoming Marvel shows and films by Disney- it all looks and sounds good but I am unlikely to get Disney + for them.

And as for the cryptic shot that may or may not be Natasha aka Black Widow - she shouldn't be dead since Clint didn't give up what she loved most- they should never have gotten the stone- plus returning the stone should reset things


This is your periodic reminder that critics don't know shit about what is good and lasting. We just talk a lot and confuse you into thinking we do. Consider things like THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS got mixed reviews 


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