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Nightcap 12/27/20- On the passing of Jon Huber, the Golden Globes are having trouble finding award worthy films and random year end bits

John Huber and Ted Geoghegan

This was originally posted to Twitter yesterday after hearing about John Huber's passing:

I am gutted by the death of Jon Huber. 

I met Jon a couple years back when I interviewed him & Ted Geoghegan for the film MOHAWK. I had no idea who he was other than this great actor in a great movie. I apologized that I couldn't talk wrestling, only the movie, which delighted him

I walked into the hotel where the interview was to take place and I recognized Jon from the film and we started to talk. When Ted arrived he went to introduce us and we said we met and that we had been talking for a while. By the time we did the interview we were old friends.

I honestly can say that talking to Jon and Ted was one of the best times I ever had doing an interview. It wasn't Q&A it was a discussion, it was friends hanging out and talking. It was something that I will always treasure.

Jon was such a blast to talk to it was the only time in 11 years of doing them that I posted the raw audio ( as well as the transcribed interview ( simply because Jon is so much fun to listen to.

And as good as Ted's answers are, the joy and life in John's running commentary was what makes the interview so memorable.

I am deeply saddened by Jon's passing. I always hoped to meet him again. However, a great deal can be said about the greatness of a person by the effect they have on other people as they go through your life. I only knew him for a brief time but I will always remember him.

God speed Mr Huber. God bless.


The Golden Globes choosing Hamilton as an eligible film is odd but it is technically a film. Then again it is supposed to be the result of there not being enough good films to nominate.


There are tons of great films this year- magnificent small inde films which no doubt they ignored because they aren't from a major company, either studio or PR film. Unseen has probably covered over 1400 films this year and I can tell you there are more than enough award worth films if people would just stop taking just the films from the majors and look elsewhere. 

I can't wait to see what sort of nightmare the acting categories turn up as four of the best female performances in years are in two inde films (THE SWERVE and DIRTY GOD) probably off everyone's radar and in the French Oscar submission (TWO OF US). Same thing with the other categories as well.

Not a good year for film?

Oh hell no- its great year you just had to look at what was actually being release by more than the major players


There will not be many reviews between now and the 3rd. Its the annual year end pieces plus some some surprises.

Some of the surprises are guest pieces that came out of my asking people what film made the happiest this year.


The Netflix film JINGLE JANGLE disappointed. I think it would be a great Broadway Musical. I also think it tries way too hard.


I finally saw IP MAN 4 and I was disappointed, Not bad but not up to the other films


I will be covering Sundance this year as credentialed press. 

That may not sound like much since I have been covering it through films sent to me via PR people, but I had never applied before because I had never been able to go to the festival, because of money, scheduling conflicts or the inability to get off from the day job. 

And for me its a big deal since while Unseen does have a reputation of sorts after almost 11 years nothing is ever certain. Over the last few years I have been watching friends not be credentialed for festivals that they have covered for a decade or more so I take nothing for granted. 

Yes the fact that the fest is virtual and the rules have changed made  me apply, I really could not have gone this year. But even so its nice that one of the biggest festivals in the world is letting me in to wander around its garden.


In other festival news I am working on New York Jewish Film Fest and I have applied to Slamdance, which runs  a week or so after Sundance this year


Strangely I have not really been watching many films the last three weeks or so. Yea I did some new releases and festival stuff, mostly though its been TV programs and  the NFL. I don't want to have to write, I don't want to think. I just want 2020 to be over


I have dipped my the into some new films coming to and I have liked what I have seen. Reviews will becoming in a couple of weeks  when they are due to play.


And with four days left to 2020 I want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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