Friday, December 25, 2020

Brief thoughts on the deeply depressing MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) (Spoilers)

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MIDNIGHT SKY is a depressing and sad film about the apocalypse involving a returning space ship and a scientist (George Clooney) in the arctic waiting to die. Circumstances force Clooney and a small child left behind to  make a dash to warn the spaceship away from landing from an earth that is now a death trap. It's not really clear. 

Bleak beyond words this is the feel bad film of the happy holiday season.

While beautifully made and nicely acted, the script is not always clear with the result that we really don't care enough to stay with this end of everything tale.

While not as hopeless as films such as ON THE BEACH this film is really damn close and I would really consider ever seeing it again.

Not recommended for anyone wanting to feel good.

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