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Random notes this time

Yet again I want to remind you that the New York Chinese Film Festival starts Tuesday and runs to Thursday. Lots of stars and lots of good films. Details can be found here.
No doubt you’ve noticed that our flogging of the Korean Cultural Service films has fallen by the wayside. I apologize to the KCS, and all of you who looked to us for information, but we’ve been rather distracted of late and since we’ve not been going it’s also been a case of out of sight out of mind.

It also hasn’t helped that I got a rude email from distributor CJ saying that I was in violation of copyright. Apparently a now removed post for the Wolf Boy screening included free in the headline they assumed I was making the film available for download. Considering I was the only non-torrent site bothered they weren’t actually checking the content of the posts. The letter I got said something about removing the offending link or material and calling it square. Since the screening had been six months earlier I simply deleted it.

Posts will be returning with the next round of films, in particular The Concubine which played at the New York Asian Film Festival in July and the GREAT HEIST which played at Fantasia and is super. Think of it as Oceans 11 set in period Korea.

As for posting links to things- I will not and do not post things to torrent or linked to torrents. While I will link to You Tube and Vimeo I do so under the assumption that the person posting it has the right to do so.

DOC NYC is about ten days off. If you’re interested do look to get tickets sooner than later simply because some shows are close to selling out and I thought I heard that some have already. As I write this I personally have seen 13 films. The total includes ones that we’ve reviewed previously including BLACKFISH and ACT OF KILLING. We’ll be running reviews of films starting a week from tomorrow but I recommend DEATH METAL ANGOLA, MAGICAL UNIVERSE and THE MANOR all of which surprised the hell out of me in a good way.

Speaking of festivals- If you’re curious the way that Unseen is going to be programmed for the rest of the year is as follows:

This week for the most part, is bunch of documentaries that I’m picked up in a couple of different places. There is also going to be reviews of two films that are opening this week, the Japanese mindbender Its Me Its Me, which Mondocurry reviewed back in July as part of Japan Cuts and NYAFF. I was lucky enough to see it so I’m taking a run by it. I’m also going to do a longer piece of Reaching for the Moon which I saw back at Tribeca. It’s a great film that’s improved in my memory since I saw it. Plus there will be coverage of some of the goings on at the NY Chinese Film Festival (expect opening night pictures, film reviews and an interview).

The following two weeks will be largely coverage of DOC NYC. Assuming I can actually make contact with a few of the people I need to contact there should be reviews of 30 or more films. I’m still working out coverage for hre at Unseen. If you need to know what you should see do take my suggestions above

After that a week of Thanksgiving turkeys. I have some real losers lined up. I mean I really hate these films.

We’re then finishing off the year with a month of Criterion. 31 days of films that have been released at one time or another by Criterion either on DVD or laser disc.

And of course the years end will have the usual end of year lists and stuff.

After that it’s a count down to our anniversary, the move away from a film a day and hopefully a jump to bigger website.

And as we always end these things- links some from the lovely Randi

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