Friday, November 22, 2013

The Emergency Kit: How To Make Sure You Are Ready For The End Of The World (2013) DOC NYC 2013

After my review of several films in the Obsessions collection of shorts at DOC NYC posted director Christian Svanes Kolding emailed me to ask if I would take a look at his film THE EMERGENCY KIT. Since I am interested in any film where the director feels strongly enough to sell his film I agreed to do so.

Made up of a brief interview and show and tell session with Park Slope resident Allegra Kapovich, THE EMERGENCY KIT looks at how one sane woman is preparing for the possibility of the end of the world by having a collection of supplies that can handle any emergency.

Perfectly situated in the Obsessions collection this film is really cool. Yes it's simple, its just Allegra showing us her kit, but there is something about it that sucks you in. At first you think that perhaps I should probably be doing the same.I mean the idea behind what she's doing isn't that crazy- though I wonder about the glow sticks for the mouth- but at the same time as things go on you have to wonder if we'd need to go as far as she does.

I was amused for much of the film, and then somewhere toward the end when the music came in I was loving the film. There is something about the simple use of music right at that moment that puts the film wonderfully over the top.

What a wonderful to figure out how to walk the fine line between preparedness and mania

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